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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dell Inspiron Mini 12 Ultraportable Laptop

If we talk about mini laptops, what do come into our minds? It’s small, lightweight, and of course comes in tacked with all the features of ultraportable laptops. This new notebook from Dell, the Inspiron Mini 12 ultraportable laptop might be the next choice for your Christmas shopping escapades.

The Dell Inspiron Mini 12 is a 12 inch screen laptop that weighs only 2.72-pounds and comes with a choice of a 1.3GHz or 1.6GHz Intel Atom Z530 processor, 1G of RAM, up to 80GB of hard drive space, Bluetooth and WiFi. Some featured specs include a 12 inch LCD display with 1280×1280 resolution and the notebook’s overall thickness is less than one inch. For the time being, the Dell Inspiron Mini 12 is available only in Japan at the moment, it will soon be on sale in the US and Europe next month at $600.

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