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Saturday, November 08, 2008

My week... gosh.. a sick week

Gosh .. Is killing me..i had down from bad flu which cause me unable to breath.. and wat the doc say.. is very lucky is not athsma.. is a very terrible one I ever had .. which I really dono .. If is too lucky or not .. jus a word.. I can say .. suffering .. I am taking the tans of medication .. which lead me to sleep.. all this medication *yucks* but I still need to take dem… wat else can I do.. I hate de syrup.. maybe when I was a kid .. I prefer the syrup but not now.. *yucks* I am crying out of my lungs not to have the syrup but there is not much choice.. but to drink them with sad face.. huhuhuhuhu…

- My Medication-

Another 3 more weeks will be leaving Penang.. leaving my comp. haha… started to get a missing feeling liao… I am thinking too much .. I start to think .. wat will happen when I am dere.. will I lead like KL ppl living.. wake up as early as 5 am.. and back from work and sleep as late as 9-10 pm.. will it be my life..?? that’s on my brain right now.. perhaps I should know how to live wif this life now… should be no prob rite??

Job in the office was kinda hectic .. so prevention to complete the tans of work is not to get mc though I am now down with a terrible flu and breathing problems.. is not a choice.. I had took a half day MC to rest but looks like it doesn’t make any progress on me.. gosh .. that’s terrible .. hope will be completely ok….. b4 I am down to KL .. end of this month… Cleaning up will be my 2 weeks programs at home and online.. I think I need to go fr some shopping as well to buy the clothes.. where I need to wear to work.. killing me is the company is wearing office entire. … I seems like haven been wearing this since the first day of work in dell till now.. is been 2 years plus not wearing formal.. and now back to formal suite again.. need to get some fr padini d.. since is offer right now kua.. if dere is need to grab a few formal wear d.. no choice.. and need to seterika baju again.. since all this years I am not doing them.. need to find those easy to seterika ,..haha.. so won be a big prob fr me.

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