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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Movie day

Movie time!!! yesterday indeed my stupid hand is real painful for the whole day and hardly able to raise my ahnd up.. is kinda a bad day yesterday but after meet dear everything had changed. He took my clothes to the dobi for washing as my hand is so painful which hardly i can use my hand to wash my clothes and is piling up in a big stack ..and no choice have to ask dear to take dem to dobi for cleaning. Thanks a lot dear.
Yesterday, the worst thing i cant take any "poisonous" food from chicken, seafood, egg and all.. and i took DUCk.. isnt that poisonous.. don worry is vegetarian food lai de. we walk 1-U yesterday and seems like 1-U is our destination lol...
We watch a free movie which is 12 rounds yesterday.. the movie is nice.. but the cinema is simply cold like hell.. which i had been shivering.. inside de cinema..and dear pau pau its a better...

The movie is a game between a police and a prisonner who the police had killed the gf and the prisoner would like to take revenge on him and the gf. And its a 12 rounds games. Nice movie and its recomended.. after the movie we went home and have a rest lol. is enjoyable day..and thanks for accompanying me. Thanks a lot dear .

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