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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Dear diary,

a day has past so fast and my days can say cant accomplish so many things in my life .. i know sometomes i neglected my frens and sometimes i neglected him... but i will do better . i understand wif u by my side my days will be brighter a lot .. if i have every day 48 hours now how good is it ?? KL life had been an imune to me.. and i had made my self accomplish wif every seconds happily..
I heard of the theory which is ur smile and ur happiness will transfers to the sad one ..and more lucky stars will stay wif u ...
The book which is The Secret had thought a person how to look on to things in the brighter side.. and things will get better .....

Thanks dear i should say to him.. he always influenced me to think positive.. and he thought me the meaning of giving and taking ...
He thought me how to love, he make my life more wonderful.. he make me feels something tat i think it won happen, it will...
and he make every dreams, wants of mine come true

He don mind driving to places i wan go..
he don mind driving long distance just to buy a single food for me
He don mind accompanying me ...

Thanks dear

Wat he does.. had make me understand the meaning of " XIN FU"
Thanks a lot .. my dear

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