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Thursday, April 23, 2009


I had been asking my self wat I like in my life?? A question that many people asked me including dear. Like ~ em… I can say I like many things and like does not means I need to have them.. like a things sometimes … is sometimes a desire to buy something where u did not need to have them .. or u do not need them… or perhaps after buying them is a waste of $$$

As this economical world …or perhaps at my life stage now.. like is not a things a good terms of buying the things .. sometimes is not worth … to buy though u can say u like dem. That s the theory of my life.

Like- em.. I like handphones, IT stuff , cameras with extreme functions … and all of this I can say prices and the tech is changing daily. This means u buy tday ,, and tomoro is a old old one liao.. so wat makes a point for me .. now .. is buying something I need but not I like and want, Since now I have the K800i hp which 3.2 MP camera.. is good liao + I have a Canon Powershot A500i which is somesorts of semi – pro camera is also better than a lot d. will it get a point to buy extremes??

Yesterday, can say I am thinking too much … and perhaps .. my mood was not in the extreme which I am damn happy.. is a up and down stage. wat so ever, I can say.. I have many ??? which is still in my mind… hardly I can smile.:) I hope I can.. but not.

sorry, if I have make someone worried. .. sorry..


Anonymous said...

Friend, quite a long time didn't update your blog liao bo

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