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Monday, April 13, 2009

Sg Wang – a day wif Daniel Lee as well as Tao performance + Fong Tai Tong

It has been so long .. I din blog this.. and this happen like kinda long and I supposed I should blog it long time ago but I din manage to do it. Since is kinda free today, I will try to blog them up on this

Em.. as usual.. Sg Wang is always packed with people and it can consider one of the place which is famous for performance from many stars round the world which covers Taiwan, Malaysia as well as HK star … as today I am able to captured a Thai, Malaysian and HK star in dere..

There u see the crowd enjoying the performance and there is a MYFM banner there,

There have To, the artist from Thailand as well there is Daniel Lee being the DJ of the day. He did a very nice piano performance. .. which is very nice and enjoyable.

after the event, on de way back we stopped and watched another one – which is Khalil Fong from HK having his album promo “Orange” This one can say there is a lot of people.. and Khalil sang a few songs. Em.. the songs is nice … and enjoyable..

And overall I did able to snap quite a number of picture .. and the performance is great. A very fulfillable weekend .. can say

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