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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

1st march 2009- Siam Express ...

Is it quite sometimes we went there.. we had our dinner at the Thai Express.
I still prefer siam express then Thai Express. Thai Express is one of the places served Thai food.. as u can see from the name.. As for that, they have all sorts of Thai Spicy food to yummy local Thai desserts which is cooling.

This is the first place I went with dear .. as both of us love spicy food that’s was the choices. The shop we had our dinner is the Thai Express located at The Curve .. and the streets dere is fullof many shops of MAKAN.-famous, expensive one.. and is our first time having our dinner dere after a movie.

The thai dessert we ordered is kinda nice .. but it served in cup.. is look like kinda weirdo.. haha.. but the taste is not bad la. It has the chesnut and the chendol inside together with the coconut water.

thai dessert

Next come the Thai tomyam.. mine is the chicken one while dear one is seafood. The tomyam wasn’t spicy at all for both of us.. haha.. cause we ordered the wrong one supposedly.. not the extreme spicy one kua…

- thai tom yam -

That’s mine tomyam.. all is chicken, fishballs and mushrooms and not much seafood lol.. while dear one is kinda same jus add a bit of extras seafood only

-dear taking thai tom yam-

- seafood tom yam-

Overall lets see wat we rate

Food: 3/5
Service: 1/5
Environment 2/5

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