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Monday, April 06, 2009

enjoyable weekend

being wif you for the whole day is indeed really enjoyable..Thanks a million for fetching me back everyday after work and waiting for me after work and have dinner. .. and accompany me the whole day and nite .. u hold my hand tight when i am cold.. and always decide wats the best for me.Being wif u is like back to my happiness childhood where u always make me smile.. and do not mind me making you angry.
Saturday is indeed an enjoyable journey for us..walking along the malls from one malls to three malls .. hahaha.. walking around the sg wang and u bought me the wonderful keychain is indeed a special gift for me.. THanks dear. We had our movie .. a nice and tremandous movie which can make me scared and laugh by Jackie Chan- Shijuko Incident is indeed a special and enjoyable movie. Thanks dear. Pavillion is where we heading to and having the oishi choc peppermint donut is my favorite as well. The night u are tired and have a nice sleep. I remember bits and moments.. and i will make in to my brain forever
Oh ya.. and the chicky crazy for the whole end of the week.. hahaha. willit be for dis week as well??
Life is special wif u by my side.Life is more colorful wif u ..

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