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Thursday, April 09, 2009

A memorable night- 08 APRIL 2009

Work as usual is getting hectic and i starts to enjoy my work in CSC. Living in KL with the hectic life understandable is not easy.. i dono how can i describe my life now.. but it can say i lead a very enjoyable and entertaining life now. Starts to immune to the early wake up life comparable to Penang. Though i had lead a hard life here.. where i need to DIY all my things from washing, cooking and all.. is a way of teaching me the words of independent and now i felt i am so fulfilling and happy with the life now. .. especially wif my beloved with me.
Yesterday work is kinda hectic where there are many weird request from the customers.. but now a days .. i always starts smiling and it makes my mood better.. thanks to him. yesterday he fetched me back from work .. and is very enjoyable be wif him and his warm blooded hand had make me felt warm.. after freezing cold in the office for nearly 8-9 hours.. in de kind of frezer.
Yesterday we went to Mid Valley .. planning having chicken rice but fail as the shop is under renovation and we ended up makan Kenny rogers .. and most funny thing both of us did is having lots of black pepper sauce.. and ask dem refill de sauce for us
Then we have a walk @ the super high class mall which is the Gardens.. where i can see no flies also can fly in... and the shops are all high class shop.. emm.... not my taste.
After that, we headed back to Mid Valley for jalan jalan and we went to Sweet Chat for dessert.. em.. oishi desu.. de thai dessert which we ordered and we shared so we can finish dem.. hahaha..
We back home after dinner.. is a great day wif him .. and is a memorable.. thanks dear.

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