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Friday, February 01, 2008

Little Cottage- delighting ourselves

Supposingly yesterday.. my team makan will be held at New World Park for dinner but .. we ended into other restorants.. cause of elictricity failure dere.. so where we went? em.. is also a yummy food place " Little Cottage".. It is nice cozy place to go.. I had not really been to the one in Burmah Road.. That's the map

Location Map


We went there about 7pm.. not much people at this moment but the services is very good. The waiter gave us a very good services over all.. Let see.. there are various of set dinner and the price ranges from RM 25 to about RM 40. As it has 5 course dinner is really worth it..em. it comes with a soup, a main course, buns, dessert and a cup of drinks of your choice ( coffee, tea and ice lemon tea).. The price is acceptable for this choice of food.

What we have ordered are varies, we ordered 3 choices of food.. which are Spicy Chicken set, Mushroom Chickem and lastly Fish and Chips..(kinda of.. forgot the name) .. em.. food started not long after we order but in the meanwhile.. we snap some pictures on the restorants.. a cozy place for sure.. wif many types of little cute decorations.The feeling is just you are at home..


-The cozy design of the restorants with the little decorations

DSC_0014 DSC_0012

- The Table Settings-


After ordering our dinner sets, we had some chats as well the serve of food is very fast. It serves us with our drinks first which is ice lemon tea..

- Ice Lemon Tea-

Then it came with our appetizer first.. em.. is pumpkin soup.. soup of de day.. Em.. the taste not bad.. as it creamy enough..After the soup, a couple minutes, it serves us with the bread and butter..

IMG_1034 IMG_1037

- Pumpkin Soup- - Bun of the Day-

Looks Yummy?? Ya .. it is.. and dere goes the main dishes we ordered. it comes the Mushroom chicken and then the spicy chicken and lastly dere it goes the last one will be Fish and Chips.. Is all so yummy but for me .. de portion is a bit large.. haiz.. i am too full

DSC_0022 DSC_0023

- Spicy Chicken Set- - Fish and Chips-


- Mushroom Chicken

em.. all are very yummy for sure. I took the spicy chicken... is has the taste of a bit of spicy as I think it include black pepper in it and a bit sweet and sour taste. It is not fried but is grilled so is not that oily compare to fried food. Then is the mushroom chicken, it looks nice but i din tried them so not much comments.. but my fren who take them says its nice. As for the fish and chips, its nice. It is fried first of all..and the chips like the one in Nandos.. a bit a like.. and fish is Durry fish.. but the smells is ok.. not much of Durry fish smell. For me, I think is a bit oily..

After the set, they serves us now with my favorites.. thats desserts.. em.. lets see.. desserts are a bit like sweet.. is fruits jelly. The taste is nice.

align="centerDSC_0029- Fruit Jelly-

Thats all for the food.. looks yummy..em i also think so.. is very nice one.. and we snap our group pictures as well as some nice pictures as well. Thanks to all.. Yeah.. nice food.. and nice photo fr SonaTa.. cause my camera quality not really good when it is at night.. Say CIS everyone before back after makan :)

DSC_0027 IMG_1045

- Thats My Team MembeRs-

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