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Saturday, February 02, 2008

What A dAy!!!

Wake up a little late than usual as i am not working today.. so I am planning to go down to town. Smile em.. I went to Pulau Tikus to have my breakfast.. where i been to makan... i went to eat wif my mum at the Cathay Coffee Shop ... so i will try the famous famous food in town thats the pan cake.. is yummy while my mum trying something on other mee.. dono wats that sometimes ...

Pancake IMG_1076

-Pancakes- - Mushroom Noodle-

After having my breakfast, been to the market wif my mum.. market today was packed wif people.. CNY last minute shopping.. everywhere people are buying things, buying praying stuff, clothing and more.. Me.. too.. doing last minutes as well.. shopping.. and bought some DVDs as well as some tangarine.. yummy one.. sweet tangarines.. and walk around de market and see any yummy food to eat... din eat much but snap many pictures in market .. kinda.. of. Went to frens house to grab some KUiH and make them.. haha.. going to ruin them.. i think.. but should be turn OK!!

Selling plants fr new year

Headed to GP (GUrneY PLaza).. thats my usual date.. haha.. in Gurney... my favorite place of visit.. Went there for a walk and met some frens dere.. Thinking to grab a shoes that i am in love with when i saw in Qbay.. but din get them due to size problems.. so i was thinking to try my lick in Gurney but... no as well.. Paying all my phone bills as well as jalan jalan at GP.. Went to find my fren in Black Pearl and ta pau .. em Chopper Board black Pepper Chicken for makan dere..

Ta Pau.. Blackpepper Chicken fr Chopper Board

Today there is many promo up at Gurney but din really see dem... Jus watch the one 8TV Artist Promo as well as a little on Superstar and saw some performance on the.. SHaolin.. i took some video out of it.. Mum and dad come over and i went and grab a dress for tommorow wedding dinner. A white one.. i am thinking of black.. but i think too many black in my cupboard.. so grab the white one fr a change.. Grab them.. hehe

After that, headed to GOlden Sand Food Court at Tg Bungah for makan.. Reach there and it started to RAIN Umbrella is yummy though.. i had laksa, some squids, and kerabu bihun...Open-mouthed nice food.. and price in considered cheap..and we went home after the makan.. Wink Tired!!! Let see wat i eat there .. ehm.. ehm..
Fish ball Hakka bihun Squids
Hakka Mee Squids
Kerabu Bihun IMG_1251
Kerabu Bihun Nyonya Laksa

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