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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

HiDUP baGaI KaTak di BawaH temPuruNg

Another day.. today is consider busy day for me.. have few request to do.. haha.. but i am now waiting for Pay Day.. 29.2.2008Snail.. I am now still thinking wanna buty my HP now or how? I am worried my job.. right now.. incomeMoney.. sabah trip.. How good if i have someone to share my pains and sorrows... I dono how to face everything like i am before.. I am now becoming timid on things to do or not to do.. NOT The ONe In UNI or maybe de one 2 years agoClock.. i am now scared.. scared to LOse, scared of facing obstacles.. scared of everything..
i am just like .... "KaTak BawaH TeMpuruNg Island with a palm tree" .. is it so scary to face things abOve me.. i had faced so many things in life.. but this time i really don haVe de courage to Face all de obstacles of my life.. sometimes i felt is kinda funnY.. i reaLLy dono wat to do at this moment right now.. aLL along i take LOve as an excuse for me to move forward.. 4 years ago till a year bacK.. but todaY .. i don know How to Move forward.. searching.. I am going to sing de song of Victor Hwang and Fish LeunG - "WAy BaCk TO Red heart".. if i can sing .. hahha.. den de shy will turNs RED.. and RAIN heaVy .. haha.. impossible la.. it means..
Life isnt as i want anymore .. maybe living w/o expectation.. w/o aIm.. withOut gOaL.. will i be happier? tell me!!

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