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Friday, February 22, 2008

YummY YuMMy Food- StaRview RestoranT

Yesterday night is de last day of CNY, Uncle Don who came back from Australia to Penang treat us for a ho chiak dinner at the Starview Restorant. Where is located? is along Jalan Burmah and opposite the Telekom.. yummy de food and this restorant is along Jalan Burmah..

is always fully book in festive seasons and sat and sunday.. if you plan to makan dere.. then .. u need to book ahead. My uncle book ahead a few days for this restorants should be very very nice thats de thing.. haha

we started de first dish with the Four seasons.. is a kind of tradition we have dat for dinner in chinese restorant.. dono why


-Four Seasons-

em... in this dish have chicken, filamen stick wif cempedak fried, egg wif some fish and a fish black pepper.. is really nice.. and de taste is extremly extraordinary that i really cant imagine de food is so tasty and not the same as de usual four season i always took in de restorant.

After taken this, i thought is Shark Fin Soup.. but ended is not .. a bit disappointed.. but is "YI PIN WOR".. This dish is a combination of ginseng, scallops, and other seafood as well like sea cucumber as well.. is makan for good health wor.. and de price is not cheap.. but i don really like them.. cause too much of ginseng..hehe


-Yi PIn WoH-

Next dish.. wats dat.. is Beijing Duck.. mmmmm.. ho chiak rite?

IMG_1833 IMG_1835

-YumMy PeKIng DuCk-

De next dish is the egg prawn, should call this kua.. hehe.. i know is just the prawn stim wif the egg only .. haha.. is delicious but i still prefer jus de white egg stim.. wif prawn.. choosy rite? hehe.. but is nice la


-Steam PrawN wiF eGG-

Dere cOmes de VeGe at last .. but everyone is kinda fuLL di.. haha.. dis one is call wat .. i also dono.. just know is a normal dish in restorant.. wif mushrooms, sea cucumber wif vege.. hehe..



Also ... de main last dish.. haiz... cant put in the mouth di.. and everyone say .. is FULL... haha,.. is birthday mee.. and this restorant one of the specialitist is de bday mee... hehe.. so ordered this as well... it has mee.. of course.. and also Ku chai and d mushroom and bits of chicken slices


-BirtHdaY mee-

Last but not least, de complimentery dish from de restorant.. chendol.. somemore is PG delicious food.. haha.. Cendol vendors are also a common sight in Indonesian cities. In the javanese language, cendol refers to the jelly-like part of the beverage, while the combination of cendol, palm sugar and coconut milk is called dawet.


Is kinda expensive de bill.. RM 480++ , don ask me de actual amount.. not me paying.. haha.. but is a nice yummy dishes. Thanks Uncle don.. and Aunty Lynn.. fr de yummy treat for the Chinese valentine dAy as well de last day of CNY
- NO more AngpaU to collect-
wait till next year

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