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Friday, February 01, 2008

Cold Day- A movie and SuSHI KiNG

I am lazy today.. i am lazy to wake up.. i wan sleep.. i had been not sleeping well for the past week.. till now.. but I still haven finish my stuff yet.. haiz.,Sarcastic isn't that cham.. No money liao i am going to start complain this month.. i over swipe my card on January.. Buying Chinese New Year clothes and bla bla.. somemore makan makan makan.. thats why u see my another blogs full of makan.. haha..Embarrassed and it will be more.. COZ'' my uncle came back fr Australia.. SO.. eAT again

Today staying in office makan.. very cold in office.. i don understand why is so cold in office.. everytime i am shivering in office wif long sleeve.. i think the weather here i s very cold till i need to go buy winter clothesThinking.. but i will look kinda silly.

Em... after work today.. went to Queensbay.. went Queensbay... thinking of makan only but suddenly.. flies to mind.. thinking to watch a movie so i went up to the cinema wif my sis to see wats up.. in the movie lines.. and found up NOW SHOWING P3.. as both of us haven watch yet so we went to watch dis movie.. Grab and go in and watch.. Thought is nice.. but.. is very scary.. and KAN CHEONG as well.. is about a gal being kidnapped by the security and then how she run away.. is kinda geli as well. after the movie, i went to makan at where .. Qbay Mall.. SUSHI KING.. Buy 1 free 1 promo.. yummy.. i and my sis ate numerous of plate.. but before makan need to pay RM3.50 fr the sms.. to entitled the promo.. Tongue out We ate not much.. choosing our favorites.. choko kurage.. and more.. lets see wat we makan..

Chuka Chinmi Chuka Kurage  Unagi

Chuka Chinmi Chuka Kurage Unagi

Chuka Kurage Peach Jelly California Maki

Chuka Kurage Peach Jelly California Maki

Sake Soft Shell Crab Temaki

Sake Soft Shell Crab Temaki

Em... i am full with a plates of each.. and is yummy..RM 32 for the bill. Worth it?? I think is worth.. hehe.. Headed home after makan.. Tired day as well

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