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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tai Tong Cafe-Dim Sum and ...

Yesterday, dono wat happen to me.. suddenly my mind .. flies in sudden to taste TAI TonG FOOd.. haven been dere for quite sometimes and all of the sudden.. i am thinking to try again...hehe..

wat i grab, of course DIM SUM for sure... and also some yummy local delicious.. food..

DIM SUM- i ordered a few... so i ordered Shark FiN HAH kaU.., Hah Kou, Siew Mai, and some fried prawn.. is yummy...

IMG_1594 IMG_1603IMG_1600 IMG_1597


Other things i ordered.. is fried rice, " sang Mee" as well as CHar Hor Fan.. does it taste yummy.. is yummy but a bit salty for me..

IMG_1605 IMG_1607

- SanG Mee - - Sar Hor FUn-


- Fried RicE-

Other than that, is the restorant served the .. dim sum by using different method as many now is Self Service,, haha

IMG_1620 IMG_1618

- Old Method StiLL-

The shop picture is as below:


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