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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Nyonya Delights

Wanna try nice and yummy Nyonya food for a cheap price? I had tried many Nyonya food in Penang.. but i still cant find a nice and yummy one except for the stall in Pulau tikus Market. the price of the food ranges from RM 2- 7, per dishes between wat u love to eat and how much u take. It is a stall that sells from early morning from 7 am till 10 am in the morning in the market except Monday.
Mostly i will packet the food back for lunch and cook rice on my own. Is nice is cheap.. rather than having them in the big big restorants.
There are many choices of food daily from Nyonya curry, fried fish wif sambal, sour fish, vegetables, otak, sambal, "Poh Leh Kan", fried mengkuang and more.

Nyonya delights Nyonya delights

Nyonya delights Nyonya delights

- Choices of Nyonya Food Available-

As there are many stalls in the market that are selling economy food and nyonya food, so is better to let you look at the Aunty face so you can know which stall i am recomending

Nyonya delights Aunty, p.tikus

-The Aunty of the stall-

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