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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Pastania- yummy and soicy chicken pasta

Last few weeks, buying tickets from GSC and i discover a new Restorant dere// wat s dat is Pastamania, and at that time, I knew it’s opened now! So I went to try out there for dinner with a friend. It’s located on the 7th floor of Gurney Plaza, used to be Speedy CD Shops. Not a very nice location loh, because when people want to eat, need to climb to the top, a bit troublesome, people might not even know there’s a Pastamania, because not all shoppers walk around the whole shopping mall. It’s a fast food restaurant, something like McDonald’s, Burger King, but it’s not as cheap as McDonald’s though. Hehe.

-spicy chicken paSTa-

I ordered myself a spicy chicken pasta, pick and choose.. dong dong ding dong and i choose dat. Food is not below RM10 but definitely below RM20. hehe! I ordered the spicy one .. a very spicy food, it’s too spicy already that i cant finish it and keep drinking water.. haha.. but is nice..

Maybe too much of water so i cant finish dem. I ordered this because I ask what is nice there and the cashier introduce this to me.

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