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Sunday, February 10, 2008


Last few weeks ago, I had tried the pancake that are being recomended by many people from Penang.. at last i had the chance to tried them as i always not in time to eat the delicious pan cake.. This pancake has a difference where it has bananas as well some raisins in it. I had taken them long time once and this time is my second time i tried them

Is yummy as well is has the pan cake smell from far... The pancake is also fresh from oven.. bare in mind.. the waiting time is a bit longer than you ordered some other food in the coffee shop.. WHY?? cause the pancake is extremly delicious and you need to line up for them

The shop is located at where? ehm.. is located along Jalan Burmah at the new Cathay Coffee shop opposite Belissa Row in Pulau Tikus

-The Map To New Cathay( highlighted in black)-

Pancake Pancake

-The Pancake View-

Pan cake store

-The Pan Cake Stall-

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