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Friday, February 15, 2008

Kim Gary- French Toast

KIm Gary GurneY plaZa is my choice for French Toast.. whenever i gurney Plaza.. i will always love to have a french toast.. Last Sat.. i went there for an hour to settle my stuff dere.. and at the end i ended up getting some pack away on the yummy French toast.. is real yummy..

It come with butter, honey and it toast wif peanuts butter.. em.. and the color is golden brown.. is yummy when the honey is wif it together with the butter..


- FrenCh ToaST-

Get a try on it at Gurney Plaza 3rd floor.. is just opposite SNJ and you can find them after Maggi T.. It will start to get packed about 12 pm- 2 pm..


- The ShOP earLy in the MornING-

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