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Monday, February 04, 2008

Long time no see!!

Minutes.. and minutes pass.. today wake up late than usual so i can skip part of my breakfast but i do take a little today.. started wif my day.. wif my pc for sure and mails are like many from frens.. so take up my days replying mails awhile.. Thanks fr cring me.. so i had made the blog to update my self.. haha.. Started having some yummy food... em.. Putu Mayong.. I think i review before.. haha

- Putu Mayung-
But me as usual, i jus take a quater of that.. is sweet as it come wif brown sugar.. and later of the day, i went to pray my grandpa for a while and den headed for lunch wif my parents.. since i had got my pay, so i just gave a treat for my parents in Senior Citizen Clubhouse.. where this restorant is famous for some of its delicious food... Em, i ordered Fried Tang Hun while Mum and Dad ordered Mee Jawa and Mee sUah tau.. as for sidelines we ordered the shop famous roti babi as well as Spring rolls.. doesn't it taste yummy? with the sos adn sambal, i cant resist the taste and it is real yummy!! too yummy .. hehe


Look spicy wif chilies.. but it is not !!

Fried Tang Hun JAwa Mee IMG_1273

Ehm.. thats wat we ate.. Fried Tang Hun, Jawa Mee, and the Mee sUah tau.. is all nice.. the fried tang hun is a bit dry but taste is still maintain so yummy.. as for the Mee Jawa.. the taste is good and nice,, perfect.. Oh.. Mee sUah tau , ehm.. is a bit like shark fin soup taste is nice and yummy.. And there goes the sidelines..


Roti Babi as well de Spring Rolls

The taste is very nice.. but is jus a little oily..once a while is ok kua.. :) Today the weather is very very hot.. sweeting so i went Gurney to walk .. and take some aircond.. hehe.. is nice in dere.. and i spotted a bag "Elle Hand bag".. is beautiful... they had red and gold but i am not too sure to buy or not to buy.. Still thinking ..din buy at the end..

So..tonight having a wedding dinner of a fren in the Moral uplifting Society.. is my first time attending an Indian Wedding but is kinda of interesting to see how it is like.. is totally different from the Chinese Wedding and is a buffet style.. Em. food will be curry more , lets see wat i grab fr the buffet..

Wedding Makan

- Wedding Makan-

Maybe i am not used with too much curry so i jus take a little .. but we took a few pictures among frens where we long time no see and all... Met Fazleeda, Lin Hui and Liang Hui and de bride as well. :) Took some pictures wif the bride and among our self

- Picture wif the Bride-

There we are ... all happily enjoying the makan.. and so tired.. hehe.. sleep..

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