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Friday, February 22, 2008

Stress UP!!!

Sick ! i hate being sick but is unbearable.. i am sick again.. what happen err?? ish.. i hate sick feeling .. i had been having headache for the pass few months on and off but just i don really care about it till yesterday until i really cant stand.. have to consult de doc di .. haiz

i am really cant stand de headache di... Gave me panadols.. and a packets of medication.. having fever and stress .. de doc says.. "you're stress up!!!".. seeing ur condition u r really stress up. the doc gave me medication for fever and some other medication as well.. haix i grab de medication and took dem.. slept the whole day.. ish.. i hate sleeping .. though i had sleep de whole day.. but is dere anything i can do besides sleeping .. i wouldnt wan think of anything on this .. maybe i don even able to think anything now..

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