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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Jade Palace 10 course dinner

Having wedding dinner yesterday.. a bit tiring.. as ppl are more to the election results yesterday more than the dinner. me as well.. would like to get the latest results as well.. and can see.. ppl are helding handphone and getting sms or called each other frens for the latest results. Oops.. where is de place.. It is at Jade Palace 1st floor at the Pekaka Square.. it is near the 118 wang zhou.. but it is on the first floor.

Add: Pekaka Square, Lebuh Pekaka Satu, Sungai Dua, 11700, Bayan Baru, Penang, Malaysia

em.. lets see de food starts wif the four seasons as well.. Four seasons is very nice.. as they have jelly fish combination wif the squids,and it also have egg fish balls as well as black pepper chicken and some yummy one.


- FouR seaSonS-

Next as well.. will be the normal delights as usual in a dinner. Is shark fin soup. the shark fin soup.. is a bit starchy.. but is ok.. :)


-SharK fIn SouP-

Next will come wif the chicken dish.. thats the yummy herbal chicken.. is nice... Other than that, it is nice.. and the herbal soup is having a very strong herbal smell.. is nice.


- Herbal Chicken-

And then.. is the prawn. The prawn is cooked if i am not mistaken .. is like combination on egg.. and a bits of oats.. maybe i am wrong.. but the taste is nice... and de most important is fresh prAwns...


- OaT eGg PrawN-

As usual the next one is vegetables. It is the combination... vegetables as well as having mushrooms and abalone.. is nice.. :)



Cake is also being distributed... is butter cake.. but for me.. i don really love the butter cake :) ..


- ButteR cake-

Next come the fish.. is steam fish.. i din really take much cause is getting full.. but i tried a bit.. the taste is very nice.. as well.. there are a bit of sour taste.. because of the soup.. adding some suen mui and tomatos in cooking.


- SteaM fIsH-

The next come is the rice wrapped.. is a usual normal dish of every wedding dinner.



Lastly, is de desserts.. is combination of the papaya.. as well as other as well



After the makan, everybody very quickly went back home.. to sit down and getting to to know the election results

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