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Friday, March 07, 2008

happiness are they?

i had been to many places in life. .. and seen so much... happiness is no longer in my face fr a long time. Today, i went to visit someone.. and get to know .. something.. (keep it to my heart).. fr me.. i really miss de way i am last time.. but i could not find the happiness beneath me.. i never see happiness fr a long time already. Wat is de meaning of happiness? wat is the point of being happy? when is happiness going occur again?
many says happiness is easy.. but fr me.. i could not even find the happiness by my heart.. i tries my best in finding happiness.. but i am fail to.. fail to find happiness.. wat i find jus sadness.. is dere someone going to fill my life wif happiness.
Tomoro a disaster again.. i really do not want to attend de wedding dinner.. can I ?? all are de forces dere.. I hate being dere.. i don wan to hear questions.. see de faces.. critism.. i hope someone is here dere fr me.. i hope i can change everything.. haiz.. see if again in my mind.. cani stop 如果 again ... haiz.. impossible.. maybe tat my life.. to start thinking .. i will start wif 如果.. i hope..i can do wat ever i dream for, i love... but is impossible.. sometimes things cant change anymore.. isn it so???

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