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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thai Tomyam and Grill Fish

Min Jiang is a coffee shop in Ayer Itam Road which is located a few houses away from the Nissan showroom. There are quite a number of stalls there. Highly recommended is the Thai Tomyam stall which is run by a lady and operates only from 8.00 pm onwards. The taste of the tomyam soup is one of the better ones that we have tasted so far and one tends to finish it. A bowl costs RM6 with big size prawns, sotong and fish slices and garnished with lots of coriander leaves. Overall the yummy one is it is not very pedas.. and not so sour also ... i love it .. ngam ngam good..

Other than that, we ordered Grill fish.. and the turn of the taste is nice.. but i love the one in Relau more.. cause de chilies more pedas.. Long time haven been dere.. em.. should blog dere as well.. but this one not bad.. is real good as well

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