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Friday, March 14, 2008

What love is suppose to be

When you say you love somebody,
that's because you hope only for their best.
You treasure and passionately appreciate them,
Looking out for them at every second of time that goes by.
Hurt is illusory and so is pain
This is absolute love, its permanent.

Love does not come & go with the wind,
Its like a genuine master piece
That defines you in a special kind of way
It's a prized abstract art
Hard to summoned yet easy & anticipated to display!

True love struggles, cries, waits but most of all its stays together.
All in all though it goes through a lot,
In the end however you find that it was worth it.
If there is love there is faith - believing, trust!
How can you say you love someone?
When there is not even an ounce of trust?

You care for that person,
Longing for their company, missing them healthily
Their presence is simply enough
The absence of a kiss being replaced with just a mere embrace of togetherness
There's no need for the touchy business.
You enjoy and delight in a laughable conversation,
Just playing with each other like young innocent children, nothing more.

Love never angers, it is never resentful or jealous
It waits long enough and it reaches out in tough times.
It does not mock the sentiment of the other,
Cheating does not exist, it lays unheard
Commitment is # 1 priority and remains for eternity.

True love may sound distant
But it comes to those who wait just enough
Those who earn it and cherish it.
Those who can really stay put in all the changes
It goes trough to become fully mature.

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