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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Wong Kok Black Pepper Seafood Set and mango ice blended

Wong Kok is famous...for yummy egg tarts and de pastries.. neverless.. it is also famous for his western as well.. i usually have my lunch dere as it is not only having reasonable price and environment.. yummy.


-Black Pepper Seafood Set-

It is quite ok the price RM9.90 for the set and RM 11.90 if i am not mistaken to include tea or coffee.. but this time, i wan try de ice blended ..is mango ice blended.. having a nice mango taste


-Mango Ice Blended-

Wong kok In penanG have 3 outlets.. but i love the one in Gurney Plaza Basement just a few shops aways from CHicken rice shop. .. Or u can find in Queensbay Mall at Basement..beside Johnny steamboaT

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