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Friday, March 21, 2008

Net Bean IDE 6.1

i had not been touching my programming for many years.. and today my cousins studying IT ask me bout Net Bean.. em.. Net Bean.. so i started up wif downloading the new Net Bean IDE 6.1 for her.. and have a try ..For a people not touching programming long long time ago.. and now .. I tried net Beans..

em.. Is very user friendly and its open source aaswell.. MOst important, not hang de PC.. I had install many programming in my PC and I found out.. it will hang my PC or slower down all the application of my PC.. For this new net Beans its good.. not slowing down my PC.. as well it has fast startup and code compalation..

Some benefits i tried and found out are these.. after I started.. wif understanding the feautures wif my cousins..
1.Performance enhancements including faster startup and code completion;
2.Spring framework support with features such as configuration file support, code completion and hyperlinks to speed navigation;
3.New MySQL support in the Database Explorer to make it easier to create, launch and view MySQL databases;
4.Significant enhancements to the Ruby/JRuby support, including a new Ruby platform manager, support for the latest version of Rails and new hints and quick fixes in the editor

It is worth trying them.. :) Thumbs up

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