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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Launching my own personalize web.. should i??

Many of my frens asked me.. " you love blogging and writting as well as photo taking.. why not u create ur own webpages?? " I am still in de dilema.. should i or not.. having my own domain.. er.. as well as site maintaining.. ah... i am still thinking write now.. they told me this cause they say i have many things to share but all in different places and blogs.. frenster and all.. why not u do it in 1.. convienient them..

em... Good question?? should i or not.. there are freewebs fr de meanwhile.. but does it sound good.. to create my life dere.. actually i have.. but is 5 years ago.. i think de account i deleted them.. and close dem.. last 2 years.. not really.. jus close last year 2007 january.. since there is nothing more to write where i think i wanted to end my life and my days tat time.. but i didnt do fr my life.. but i ended up my web. Now.. should i open them again?? thats de big question fr me.. i know is a bit ma fan fr me.. cause i sharing foods.. wif u guys.. my trip, my life.. my pic.. since blogs cant accomadate many as well as frenster.. em.. i think ya.. give me sometime...

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