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Friday, March 14, 2008

ChickeN rice ShoP..chicken Rice... very full

em.. walking around qbay mall.. and finding some food to eat.. ended up my self in chicken rice shop.. as i cant find.. any places that is having nice and cheap price food.. Nearly bankrup after buying new hp K800i ( though is not a new model) as well.. spending fr KL Nicholas teo Upcoming concert and my upcoming trip to Sabah.. haix... wat a plan.. :P

Went to chicken Rice shop aftr having my shopping wif my frens.. a gathering wif Form 2 classmate.. not have a chance to take a pic.. cause.. she say tday she not petty don take pic.. haha.. next time ya.. :P..

For about RM 12.. per person.. em .. have softdrinks, paitee.. and chicken fr sure come wif rice and bean sprout.. not least a dessert.. oh gosh is very very full.. haha..

Services is ok nia.. food normal as usual but the ppl working dere like don understand english.. haiz.. repeat many time..

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