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Friday, March 14, 2008

Swenson's QueensBay Mall

I had many pictures on food i tried before .. for the past 2-3 weeks, not much time to upload dem in my pc till tday.. i real lazy when it comes to uploading the pic to the comp.. except those i can bluetooth to my pc.. tats still ok.. lazy connects wires.. yesterday.. thinking to clear up de memory card of my camera.. cause will head to KL again next 2 weeks.. so need to compile de pic as well as maintaining up de PC.

last two weeks.. Course gathering in Queensbay mall.. not really a big one. jus a few of our coursemates meet up.. Gatsby, yee Giap and Chee wei.. So, wat food we are taking?? Thinking of getting a drink and chat.. somewhere em.. not really noisy.. we choose Swensons as well.. Is really a disappointment fr dem.. cause dey not ordering ice creams but drinks.. Gatsby ordered.. em ice lemon tea, yee Giap ordered Nescafe while Chee Wei ordered Green Tea.. Me.. Of course wat Ice Cream la..

YG: is so big disapponintment.. i pay a lot but i need to serve the coffee my self.. need to DIY.. they jus give everything..

CW : em.. mine ok.. need to do half my self.. the taste is ok onli

Everyone burst laugh when complaining... me .. i am good.. i ordered the right one..is ice cream. haha.. chat about an hour on progress.. and all.. everyone also having in mind of shifting.. haiz..

Service is not really good.. maybe cause de one who serve is not pro enough.. :P .. Overall de is ok.. as i been few times.. this is de worst one.. maybe..today my luck no good lo

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