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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Time to sHoT

At last i got my K800i.. wuf trade in of my W300i.. hehe.. for RM200 and had to pay RM 500 fr it. At last ... em.. now no worries if i bring my camera out not... jus one thing.. i have a suerb 3.5MP camera wif me.. thats de best thing.. Yeah..I upgrade dem to 1G Memory.. wah.. so syok.. is fun right now.. having my camera wif me.. take watever i like.. food..
My aim, my plan .. take more pic.. make good use of this camera.. haha.. pity no love one to take wif or not .. i will be crazy taking pic... fr now being.. i take pic of food first la.. haha.. and maybe my self and frens 1st la..keke..

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