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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

analytical or emotional?

someone tell me.. life is jus short.. enjoy it!! My first is.. if dere is something worth to.. life is short.. but fr me.. is so long.. to walk.. i had a long long journey to walk on bumps which i could not determine.. which route is the right one for me..

Ever before i had think on giving up my life.. cause i am really tired.. of it.. I had lost my confidence on my self already.. which are de right route i am going too.. Should i be analytical or emotional? this is the question for my self. Which one should overcome which one? Thats the main point.

Seen many people around me.. getting married.. and all.. and parents had been rushing me. i cant give dem an answer.. as wat they wish for. All along, wat i had been doing is to towards my parents wishes. Maybe... i am maybe i am used to it.. sometimes i am afraid of overcoming their thinking and thoughts.. But, for this time.. i could not satisfy dem.. wif an answers.

I dono if i am to analytical sometimes. to analysis the pros and cons .. but sometimes is not good enough.. and sometimes i am really emotional.. which lead me to wrong decission .. maybe.. is it? I had been thinking for this few weeks de route i wan to walk .. the things i miss up.. and wat can i change. if if if again... 如果如果如果如果如果如果.. no more 如果 .. somemore 如果 i will like change dis and dat part of my life. Face it.. don think too much.. tats wat i always say to my self.. but am i dare to face it??? i also dono.

Maybe when times come.. i should.. but uncertainity is dere. always scared of everything. being HURT for not jus once.. but a twice.. i am scared to face things in front of me... i will have a lot of 如果.. when i face them. and i will decline again.. need to write pogrammin code again

if ( i see= problems);
then (i = step back);
loop i;

should dis be de programming i should write; or is jus a psedocode.. em.. i am also not sure.. but jus know i will stack back and looping all this while... jus i dono when there will be a stop dere.. a program code than can block it to loop... haiz.. i relly hope my brain jus like comp brain.. so wont be so tense.. either u have a delete button.. and dump everything or not jus format it to forget everything.. how good is this.. when ever think of this brains..

is dere someone or something that changes? haiz..maybe.. like ppl say say pst life i owe many things so is this life i need to give back? is it or isnt it ? Believe it or not? Naive ? or superstitious .. i am also dono.. maybe I am.. i am really sometimes superstitious.

Thats life maybe i need to face them.. and look in brighter parts of the world.. maybe i should not compare ppl tat are better than me.. maybe i should not think too many things.. Maybe, If , 如果 again...????

life will turns better .. i pray fr it.. thats de better thinking.. Shouldn't it be?

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