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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

TGI friday Queensbay - YUMMY

This year, we had our team dinner in TGI friday in Queensbay Mall.. Is nice being wif my lovely collegue having dem again after a year.. last year we had them in dere.. wif our traineer Margaret. This year 2 ppl changes .. so is our lovely host manager, Nikki as well as our trainer.. Margaret. This year, we have them wif our US manager Terri as well new host manager. haha.. adding another collegue.. SI in de team. The first time we came ... SI haven join de team yet.so we din have her to eat wif us..

Comparing last year and tis year is a bit different.. em.. last year maybe is our first time to TGI.. and we are not too used to the ordering of food.. and we cant finish all de food. But this year, we r good in ordering.. not bad in ordering... at leat is nice and yummy.. and is heavy though...
i ordered Jack Daniel Chicken and shrimp .. while HP, HS, SI ordered the same one shrimps.. but i dono wat that called.. and Alex is calling beef.. but i am not too sure on the makan.

Jack Daniel Chicken and shrimp

That's de fish set

That's de beef set

Looks yummy rite.. is realli yummy .. and dey have chear ledding... a bit noisy.. hehe.. but is kinda fun as well.. seems like is about half to 1 hour. :)

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