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Saturday, December 15, 2007

11-15 Dec 2007

11-Dec 2007

A long time.. i always hoping fr this way.. wish Leon - Happy Birthday..LeOn.. though you are in the industry fr so long and have many fans to wish u Happi birthday.. but i also wan to wish you as well in my blog.. HAppY birthdaY... i hope all ur dreams come true :)
it had been so long so long so long i din see u liao.. cause u din come malaysia since 2001 promo on Leaving U lovinG me....

er.. busy busy busy.. dono why so busy.. like time not enough as things getting more and more.. i am hoping now more time to complete my stuff.. and at night have more time to do my stuff.. i am filling my self with learning photoshop as well as learning more and more stuff.. doing handicraft is one of the priority. Given some gifts for my collegue frens.. hope they like dem..

12-dec 2007
Getting a surprising gift fr a fren..thanks fr de teddy bear.. is nice i like dem.. :) Today as usual.. work hectic as well.. work is not easy kua..
back home as usual busy... and watching TVB drama " Ultimate Fighter"- Very nice nice drama.. is investigation 1.. plus the love story really nice... Lai Chi and Chan Hoe.. acted veli well.. anice drama to watch..recomended.. jus finished the drama...

13 Dec 2007
Bad day.. everything din goes well de whole day from work till personal.. hate it.. is really not my day.. dono why.. all din turn goods.. went to qbay today.. thinking i can make my self happy by buying buying buying... ended up din buy anything but jus thinking to go to the opposite of qbay to jump.. but din do them.. at last as well.. de day i hate hate hate the most.. is de end of the world.

14 Dec 2007
very quiet the whole day.. hoping refresh my mind thinking wat is the next step i should do.. wat should i be.. how is the way i want... i am sitting the whole day.. think think think.. sleepi sleepi sleepi

15 Dec 2007
A new life i am thinking of giving myself.. i had a hair cut fr a fresh new me.. hope thats the begining of my life today.. 15 Dec.. the old pamela had pass away.. in tears.. and today .. i will make my life a better one than the old one..donated some money fr a charity.. a new me.. anew brand one..

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