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Friday, December 28, 2007

New Proton Car- Proton BLM ( Base Line Model)

Full size clay model of Proton BLM. This is way clearer than any spy shots posted on the internet. However, this is the clay model only. The final design might be different from this, or may look different. As someone commented before, this will be another proton best seller as the design is very good. I agree with that. Bear in mind, BLM stand for Base Line Model, means to replace current SAGA. You can read the SAGA in second picture at the number plate area. Priced at only around RM30,000.00, full size car and look quote good like this, sure it will steal a bit of viva sales.

Some of you might laid your eyes on the LG CNS Design Studio on the wall. Apparently, LG helped Proton to design the Savvy, and Proton this time asked them to design sedan of the savvy. The BLM is expected to be launched in January 2008

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Micheginny said...

wow i didnt know you are into cars! anyway thou its cheap ... what about the fuel consumption?