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Friday, December 07, 2007

5 Dec- 7 Dec 2007

5th Dec

Time being alone is nearly very hard to go.. but things is not easy. Very very tired.. i am now seems like wondering to catch de stars... is going end year soon... 2007 is going to end now... but... for me.. i am thinking what is my next step... er.. life.. dono le...
Jus a bits and bits of my life... I am thinking... this few days i am very busy.. busy busy.. As Christmas is coming.. i dono wat i want to buy fr them??
Wat le? i am thinking wat to buy?
Mostly, i am now busy with work.. putting my life priority all in my work.. from day till night.. night to day.. everything in work. Nothing else...

6th Dec

Busy today with task as well.. busy wif everything in life.. I am now all put in my career and job. I am now in my life... other than work i don have anything special. Today, my sis fren went to come over my house... and today i took them for makan. Makan.. makan .. makan at Dave Deli.
Spend over RM 70 today ... not bad.. makan..nice

And whole night doing assignment and online.. thats all :)

7th Dec 2007

Life today also work.. so thats onli work.. in order to not think on the all the things. Really tired. having in life... i am planning to go for more work and work.. hope is not too tired.

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