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Monday, December 31, 2007

26 dec2007-31 dec 2007

26 Dec 2007
Back to work after a day of holiday. Thats working life.. is dere holiday mood? sometimes i ask my self is dere? Mood is still de same.. but is better now .. i know to understand the meaning of life and i learned to be independent.. and today .. i knew the way to make myself happy :) thats the choices i did fr my current life.
I wanna say sorry to a person.. if he read them he knows..I am sorry for giving lots of troubles..i am sorry if i hurt him before.. sorry.. i know things never be the same again. I understand today wat life should be. I will take care of my self..i will do the things i should be doing.. archieving my goals of life.. and caring up a better career.
Today .. was so surprised to get a call from a long time no hear fren.. and thanks fr ur call as well as ur christmas wishes. Thanks.

27 dec 2007
A day past again and today i went to work as usual.. is also a day to pass in the office. Life is still de same.. did to chat wif some frens today .. is a nice thing getting to know that they are great there. I hope everyone is great. Em.. life is still de same.. but i am now learning some new stuff in my free time.. em.. haven think i back to cross stich fever.. doing cross stich ..haha.. but dono when all this ends le.. Recently, i fall in love wif crafts.. drawing, painting, coloring, sewing, ... and now blogging and photography.
em... i think this my new hobbies coming up..new things in my mind when.. times come.. dono wat will be my new hobbies then.. wahaha.. hobbies.. dono why too many .. starts wif coloring .. and then many see my drawing then.. and now is sewing and artz.. haha.. it seems i enjoying this now.. and my TVB fever will come soon.. cause too many dramas are stack up.. waiting the full released of the drama.. and u will see me sticking at the TV liao.

28 December 2007
Today, is MCD fever.. haha the released of the Alpha toys giving me a fever.. Headeed to MCD Greenland to grab the toys and then to where.. Gurney.. and pay some payments.. Bills .. yucks hate to see bills... but pay them today. Went to Gurney and my little cousin buggin for a play at the 7th floor.. Gurney Plaza.. took him to eat mcd then to 7 th floor to play the games.. haiz..kids.. is their entertainment life.. maybe.is deir life and wants..
Today office having a mini christmas celebration. not bad .. and enjoyable one as well wif otehr teams.. :) thanks nikki for the yummy choc cake.. very nice...
At night .. I had a mini gathering at the Coffee bean in Queensbay. A long time no see frens .. Mei Hwa, Jing Zhi.. Had talks and chats on recent progress.. looks everyone doing fine.. and hope 2008 gives everyone a great success.. Pity.. Chun unable to attend.. same goes to choong sin, chee seng, raymond, kak reen.. as well as Anson.. All being busy.. hopefulli the next one all will have time to attend lo. Is a good gathering... :) to keep in touch wif all frens...Ended nearli 11 pm.. back home and have chatting wif frens..

29 November 2007
Home... a day at home.. today .. a day at home... tired fr a week.. is time to sleep and update my dramas.. stack up my dramas fr too long haven update and recentli a lot being released.. so i hope i can update back all my dramas... too many liao.. Dramaing fever came back.. wanna finish some first. I am whole day at home watchin drama and chatting as well ... haha.. is nice to updates my self as well wif frens progress.. Found out some frens had married, pak doh.. and bla bla bla...
haha.. chatting wif some overseea frens as well. :) knowing their stuff.. wats nice dere.. Many frens went travel recently and they realli update me.. wif their holiday.. making me interested..seee.. now need to save MONEY liao 2 kai kai.. haha.. another 3 days more to an end of 2007.. so I am going to wipe away unhappy stuff of my life and save the happiness in my mind..

30 December 2007
em... today.. Perangin day.. so wat i did today is went to Perangin mall.. haha.. Malaysia singer DJ is here on town promote his released DVD. RM20... worth to buy.. buy wif out hesitate.. and able to get his signature and pic taking wif him.. Thanks Gary Yap.. :) Walking round shopping.. and able to bought some stuff as my hobby.. haha.. again?? i also dono le.. is kinda fun doing crafts.. thinking knitting again.. but still thinking.. scaft again??? i am unsure leh.. do fr who???
i also dono.. making many scaft di.. but din get a chance to use dem yet. keeping ka??? maybe.
Chatting at night wif frens again.. thanks michael... arranging online chat wif course mate.. but sorry very busy cant chat much..
Me went to paya terubong fr dinner and MCD as well haha... looking at the new MCD at caltex farlim.. nice le.. de MCD dere.. :) i loving it.. hehe

31 December 2007

End year.. going to another brand new year.. This year.. though i am having a big up and downs of my life.. happiness and sadness.. shifting jobs and a changes on my life a lot. But for me, i understand today .. now i understand life there are sadness and happiness.. if there is no sadness, you will have never know the meaning of happiness... and vice versa..
Thats life I understand... and today.. I am now happy.. to lead my life for the next year
Today, working as well.. and office is cold.. cause not many people in office... so staying in office :) wif a very cold look...
Went for a small shopping and buy some grocceries as well. thats wat i did. Stay home as usual today.. all jam up.. not in the mood to go out as well. Thanks all my frens fr your greetings.. I will keep dem in my heart. thanks a lot fr the greetings :)
Thanks alot.. going to a brand new year
A chock fook fr all of u " HAVe A GrEaT neW YeAR!! HapPiness ALwaz be Wif YoU.. and All the Best stuff RemainS"

Thanks all my frens that had been wif me fr this whole year and again sorry to the one i had hurt dem before. Forgive me

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