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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

16-17 December 2007- clearing up

16 Dec 2007
Today as usual .. a normal Sunday.. maybe is for me to relax and sleep ... being too tired for a few days.. i think i am really wanna have a good Sunday to sleep.. as usual sleeping on Sunday will be a good choice. Wake up quite late about 10am.. and continue with my usual task as well... today ..stay home mostly reading blogs of some people that had post them.. It make me thinks of the way i am writting my blogs compare the others.. mine sometimes too polite but other blogs in the net was like WAH... why they like writting so badly on others... but is also a way for them to express themself maybe..
Today... stay home.. haven been taking putu mayong fr a long time.. em.. is indian food mainly.. but is nice.. having them.. Afternoon and whole day is being online to delete up my frenster blogs as well as clearing up some stuff in my cupboard that i had keep a long time ago.. others i think cleaning up more is my prority ... thats my brand whole day.. doing clean ups and sleeping and er... watching TVB dramas as usual ... my favorite kinda entertainment kua

17 Dec 2007
Monday again.. Back to work as usual and today work in office is OK.. and is a kinda of interesting my job getting.. Having cake fr lunch today as too long de q.. hehe.. so jus went a slice of tiramisu cheese today.. not bad the taste .. i kinda love tiramisu .. but is quite fattening .. jus also completed the yummy cheese cake a not bad one..next time to snap the pic .. but forgotten on that .. hehe.. and today left from office and went qbay mall.. a mall that is quite new ... went to buy some gift fr my 2 niece fr christmas gift.. BARNEY .. hope they like the singing barney as well as a little angel candle ..em..em. is a nice one though...

Having dinner wif my parents .. thinking of Nandos.. but my parents prefe chinese style.. so ended up makan at Wong Kok. Nice food and i love de " Milk tea " as well as the "Yin Yong " very nice.. food and service is nice at the shop :) i love tat shop a lot .. WONG kOK.. Later at night will be online chatting and searching fr something intersting and updating my bloggie.. hehe.. updating my bloggie.. as well as watching dramas.. :) chatting also some of my part tonight .. who i chatted.. too many :)

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