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Friday, December 07, 2007

Never Apart ( 不會分離) - Michael Wong ( 光良 (王光良) )

Michael Wong's touching, yet catchy ballads have long found a place in the hearts of Mando-pop fans. His last two albums, Fairy Tale and Commitment, were both chart-topping releases and karaoke favorites, and now he's back with his new album Never Apart. This time, Michael invited musicians from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, and Korea to participate in the album production, making it a truly international effort. Written, composed, and produced by Michael, title song Never Apart tells a sentimental story with its strong melody and lyrics, complemented with a stirring arrangement from Nakamura Taichi. Fireworks, meanwhile, is a heartrending karaoke ballad in the tradition of Fairy Tale and Promise.
In this album, i love the song " NEver apart" as well as " I Miss You"... the songs in this album is very very nice.. :p

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