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Friday, December 28, 2007

Andy Lau may be being generous when he declares Everyone is No. 1, but there's no question that the Canto-pop superstar is still reigning comfortably on top. Currently busy with the China leg of his Wonderful World concert tour, Andy still found time to release his latest compilation of new songs and best of hits. This three-disc release comes with one CD of Mandarin tracks and one CD of Cantonese tracks, each containing three new songs. Andy himself penned the lyrics for the new Cantonese hit "Angel Without Wings" (CD 1 - Track 2), the image song for the Ronald McDonald House Charities. The other new Canto-pop offerings are "Don't Want That Which Isn't Mine" (CD 1 - Track 3) and "Let's Scream Together" (CD 1 - Track 1).
In the Mandarin corner we have the titular Everyone is No. 1, an image song for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and the same-titled theme songs of Andy's new films Brothers and The Warlords. This compilation also comes with 24 of Andy's No. 1 hits from recent years including favorites like "If There is a Day" (CD 1 - Track 4), "Summer Fiesta" (CD 1 - Track 11), "Seventeen Years Old" (CD 1 - Track 15), "Say I Love You One More Time" (CD 2 - Track 9), and "It's Not a Crime for a Man to Cry" (CD 2 - Track 15).

This version comes with an Andy-Lau designed Andox Figure (one of six randomly selected designs), photo booklet, and DVD with 11 never-before-released music videos.

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