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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

8-10 December 2007 - Time Not enough

8 Dec 2007

Life is never easy.. i understand ..Today really pack my schedule as usual. Me today busy from morning till night. thats wat life is..
Morning- i and Siau Ing 2 hours round in Penang island..getting to knw the places as well accompany my mum to market..

Afternoon- In Gurney the whole day.. with lots of appointments wif frens and buying christmas gift

Night- Assignments and assignments.

9 Dec 2007

Morning- Having breakfast wif family and have a walk wif my dad and mum.. at Chowrasta Market..

Noon- an appointment wif fren, Kok Lean .. in Qbay.. thanks Kok Lean fr your Christmas gift.. Is nice!!

Night: Assignments and assignments.

10 Dec 2007

Working as usual.. and went Gurney a while.. den.. back home.. assignments again :(

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