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Sunday, December 02, 2007

30-2nd Dec 2007- complicated

30th November 2007
-Pass a year .. and everything in my life is unanswerable.. wat is life? wat is this and wat i wan?? A year pass.. and i am still de same.. for one year.. As usual, work... is the same doing the same thing in life.. and i dono if there is any special in my life... i am still waiting.. fr something special to happen..

1st Dec 2007
Gurney again.. Staying in Gurney nearly 5 hours.. doing wat? er.. me i went for facial and lasted 2 hours and then went to pay the others... bills.. bills.. from phone bills.. and also other bills as well.. Bills bills.. after settled the bills went to a few places .. buying my product .. from LD.. Leonard Drake... and then shop at Popular.. and walking to buy Christmas Gift.. but i fail to get one.. also .. dono wat to buy.. i had bought the gift fr Law.. his bday gift ... as for others i still choosing .. but still dono wat to buy... i hope can get the best gift and something special fr them.

Going there.. den met a long long school classmates.. Faz and have a drink and a brief chat .. about half an hour before heading back home.. went to do some purchasing of products in Tesco and den to Qbay Mall.. to see Myolie Wu, Tong Ying Ying as well as Micheal Tse..in Qbay.. back home at 10.30 pm.. to tired.. slept...

2nd Dec 2007.
Tired and tired.. hot sunny day today.. as usual .. sunday... but today went to Sunshine Farlim.. had breakfast and see de stars again..Myolie Wu, Tong Ying Ying as well as Micheal Tse aGaIN!! this time.. more close up and snap a lot of pictures..

Link to the pictures of both events: http://www.esnips.com/web/TVBArtistInPenang-MyolieWuMichealTse

Today, so long.. din saw Emily.. neighbour.. she came back today and saw her..
Stay home and MSN the whole day .. wif downloadin drama and doing business stuff.. doing assignments and other business things i received last few days.. Hope to kau dim them soon...

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