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Friday, December 21, 2007

18 -21 Dec 2007

18 Dec 2007

Cold day as well.. a very cold day in the office today.. i don know why Agilent is so so cold.. the aircond wau.. is veli cold le.. freezing in the office as usual. as usual, work in office.. today.. work as usual.. and everything is like normal as usual.

I also dono why .. the office aircond is always so cold... hehe.. and after work today as usual a real shopping carnival for me.. haha.. went Gurney Plaza today.. and wat i buy .. nothing.. i jus have a walk dere and snapping pictures... is Gurney day.. haha.. i went find my frens in Hang Ten as well as in Black Pearl.. Nice:) Had my dinner today as usual diet plan.. no nice food liao..But is ok la.. Biasa liao as well. :)

19 Dec 2007
is going fast the days... i had been busy fr this few weeks wif a lot of things and today is also the same for me.. days had been busy.. is good for me.. can consider.. cause i have need to prepare fr my new blog here.. thinking of more interesting topics to share and others today .. i had been to shopping as well and today is where... er... u know is my favorite new pace.. Qbay Mall and bought some cute stuff today.. as well as shopping as well.. shop and shop.. thats life ... thats my shopping life .. maybe.. but din buy much as well la..Today had an appointment wif a long time no see fren Hen Chuin.. is very long din meet her liao .. ever since i left Dell in Dec.. she is still in Dell :) so meet her and a long time no see fren as well Kok Kit.. and have makan at a Japanese Rest in Qbay .. Shimaya. Food not bad.. a great improvement fr the first time i went.

20 Dec 2007
Haji today.. so is a good time fr me to sleep..zzzzzzzzz. sleep is best now fr me.. so i can always be resting and also don think so much. whole day at home and finish a drama.. haha... nice le.. thats aday of me.. watching drama.. is so syok.. watch "Words of Twister"

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