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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Nicholas Teo- Prince

Though this album is released a bit long liao.. i think on July.. i love this album so much.. so us good for me to review them for those fans that haven buy this album yet.

Nicholas Teo is trying to get rid of his boy-next-door image through this album. He has tried and attempted new styles, but not completely off his image. For those who have always been into his ballads, it still takes up a major part of this album so no worries, and for those who have been looking for new things, there are a few tracks which may keep you exicted.The first track 游戏 is something i, personally, would never expect coming from Nicholas Teo, basing it on his previous albums, which were all very soothing ballads. 游戏 has a relatively quicker tempo as compared to the rest of the songs in the album. It is a total different from the classic Nicholas Teo. Personally, i like this track quite a bit. Although there is this bit whereby he just repeats the same thing over and over again (which is quite similar to Mayday’s 为爱而生), i think it has quite a great impact and brings out the 游戏 feeling, leaving me feeling really light-hearted after listening to it.

The 2nd track, 错了再错,brings back the Nicholas Teo we are all familiar with, although i personally would say i prefer the ballads in his previous albums, like 当你孤单你会想起谁 and 痛彻心扉. This song is at most slightly above average. It is really safe, but yet not as good as the other ballads. I personally dislike the bridge. Somehow it spoils the whole song for me.
Next up is 王子, the first hit of the album. A very obvious change, the first time he tried rapping, and yet i would say he did a pretty good job on this song, although i personally think the rapping was really forced. i mean it could have been done without, but just added in for him to try it out. He managed to nicely show the arrogance, the i-do-what-i-want attitude, and yet not make people irritated at the arrogance.

幸福的理由is the next track. it started off good for me. but after the 2nd line of the chorus, the whole image of it just fell. it did get slightly better after listening to it for a few times, but the thing about the song is that once you actually start thinking that it sounds quite alright, there has to be something to spoil the impression of it. 如果 and 陌路 brings you back to the old Nicholas Teo once again. The difference is that these songs are the kinds where you would like them more and more, after listening to it a few times over, unlike those which you would like after listening to it once through. I really enjoy the chorus of 如果. and 陌路just sounded good. as compared to 错了再错,i would say i prefer this 2 songs. they are really safe too, but i personally think it was a better job done, in terms of composing, the bringing out of emotions and the end product.

Track 7, Super Idol. Quite up-beat, but i personally didnt really enjoy the start, but as it went on, it got on quite well. It didnt sound that bad, but not that good either. i would say, slightly below average.

Track 8, 其实幸福很简单. another ballad, but really soothing and has the calming effect, makes you forget everything else. although there are parts where it sounds really strange, the remaining of the song covers up for it. It is close to my favourite track in the album. Track 9, 相信. the verses are good, the chorus fitted in, but the chorus didnt sound that good, to the extent that it sounded weird. However i would say that the overall effect is quite good, though it carries the same kind of atmosphere as quite a number of the previous songs. For people who need variety, they should be quite bored by this track.

The 2nd last track, 晚安,宝贝. the prelude brings back childhood memories, where you listen to lullabies every night before sleeping. it is really really soothing. If you would just close your eyes and let the song fill the whole room, you would really enjoy it. It isnt to the extent whereby you will fall asleep, but it really helps to relax. And the last track 北极星的眼泪. It was the theme song for the drama 微笑Pasta, and also recorded in the OST. this is a really wonderful ballad. It is like his normal ballads, like 当你孤单你会想起谁and 只因为你. for those who enjoyed those ballads, you would enjoy this song too. Currently it remains my favourite song in the album.

Overall, i would say it is a good attempt to get rid of his image, with songs like 王子 and 游戏. but other than that, the style is really repeated. It is a good album, but there is not much variety in it, other than a few attempts to steer away from his image. However, i will have to say that i personally enjoyed this album more than his first 2. Generally, i did enjoy the album, and would rate it a 9 out of 10.

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