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Friday, December 14, 2007

2008.. a plan ?? is dere??

2008 plans.. wat to plans.. wat plans are ? i don seems like having a plan at this moment.. is dere something that i need to plan for my life now?? I don really like to plan seriously.. but is a need to plan.. but in my life ... i think i will plan if i find my route.. em... i think will be wat i aim for next year is my plan


1. A big teddy as usual

2. A car

3. Facial Package

4. 3G Hamdphone ( Iphone Maybe)


1. HK

2. China

3. Taiwan

4. KL again

5. Melaka

6. Langkawi

7. Perak

8. Pahang

9. Sabah

10. islands......

- Artist wish to see-

1. Leon Lai

2. Janice

3. Nicholas Teo

4. Gary Yap

5. Kelly Chen

6. Rynn Lim

7. Bosco Wong

8. Myolie Wu


1. Hoping Job is Good and enjoyable

2. Hoping i will be veli happy next year.. unhappiness will go away

3. .. everything goes well

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