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Friday, December 07, 2007

Bukit Jambul Asam Laksa

Penang is famous for food for sure. This is one of the speciality of Penang. This yummy food assam laksa.. is different from other Laksa. Kuching Laksa for sure is jus is Penang Curry Mee.. while Assam Laksa is totally different.
The ingredients are mostly vegetables.. pineapples, vegetables, bawang and white laksa mee.. In Penang, it can say you can get laksa anywhere.. round the island.. there are famous one from Air Itam, Balik Pulau and more. The one I love are two to three stores of all them as i am really a laksa lover.
Laksa... yummy yummy laksa.. the one i love is BJ Complex Laksa.. which are most famous AIr Itam Laksa and it is really tasty.. yummy yummy when think of it. Besides that, the taste is of this laksa is not so sweet... so it nice.

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