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Monday, December 31, 2007

HappY New Year 2008

New Year is coming!! Happy new year all my frens.. from all places.. I don know i had wished everyone not wished.. sorry ya.. some who i don have ur email or contacts.. need to leave a message here fr u all. Wishing you guys Happy New Year and all the best!!..
  • Thanks mum and dad for everything they given me... as well as my cute sis.. thanks girl..thanks a lot
  • For frens that had cared for me... Thanks a million... for your care.. Thanks a lot.. Thanks to Anna , Carolynn, Yi Na.. and all who had accompany me towards the year. thanks. thanks for accompany to facial Yi Na as well another place we been together, Thanks Anna.. always be dere for me.. for Red Box and all...
  • Thanks to all my frens, Koh.. thanks for everything .. we chat wif me and sms me .. Thanks Carolynn.. fr accompanying me to KL.. i had a great time dere. Thanks for everything you had done.
  • Thanks to my coursemates.. for the year.. thanks who i met in KL and accompany when i am in KL for holiday
  • Thanks Junee.. for all the care u gave and the help when i am in Agilent
  • Thanks to Chun Chun- i love u dear.. u always be my best fren.. I hope u recover fast ya.. I will pray for you. Thanks a lot Chun
  • Thanks to my ex collegue.. hen Chuin, Mei Hwa, Jonathan, Joanne and all.. thanks to everyone.. thanks to all the frens in Agilent, CMD team as well.. Thanks Nikki, sherry and all... for everything
  • Thanks to all my frens... that had been with me when i am unhappy, and accompany me go through all the routes- helping me... in my career and all thanks a million
  • Thanks to my colleggue.. they are really nice.. Thanks for helping me when I am blur and confused. Thanks for all the things u have done. Thanks Siau Ing, Hun Pin, Alex and HS.Thanks to other team members as well... helping me
  • Thanks to everyone.. that had been with me.. hear my nagging.. share my happiness.. and sadness.. thanks

Now wanna say SORRY time

  • Sorry for what i had did .. sorry if i hurt you.. sorry for causing all the misunderstandings.. sorry fren..
  • Sorry to those i had hurt.. sometimes i dono really.. but if i had hurt some of you guys.. sorry!! i am really sorry!!



no matter wat happen.. you guys are my frens forever.. Thanks to all the people had been wif me in 2007 and sorry to the one i had hurt this year.. really sorry :(

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