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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

21 Dec- 25 Dec

21 Dec 2007

Life sometimes have been so bored.. i have been to a few places.. at Gurney and today work is ok.. so after work went fr a movie .. went wif Siao Ing.. includes shopping as well.. it has been a shopping paradise for me this month.. i shop and shop shop shop shop.. went qbay today.. i had bought daddy a white formal t.. and then went Nando's fr dinner.. Food is ok.. but the service is not really good.. i haven hear that one table can only 50% can take drum stick.. haiz.. cham right.. dono wat service lai.. haiyo.. but the most i don understand .. why there is so many ppl still come???? Chipmunks.. a new movie.. is a nice movie.. i watched them .. i really think is a nice movie whole movie very enjoyable.. is a nice movie.. to recomend to all...

22 Dec 2007
Saturday again.. is another few more days to Christmas.. times realli flies..flies is so fast is going to be end of the year.. as usual.. my saturday is in Gurney fr sure.. went Gurney able to get a bags and bags of stuff..is spending money too.. i have bought many things as usual look of me.. and it has been the way i am.. right now.. not much spending.. mosli on food.. thats the most of all.. and bought a book to learn on something i am plannin ro learn and 2 cd casings. .. to keep all the cds.. too many cds.. recentli.. need to keep them in the right place .. or not will be.. like "where is the hell this disc is???" when i wanna get them :) After Gurney, went home.. today the internet line is so slow.. no patience.. thinking of online..but the line is so slow.. cannot tahan le.. so mosli watching drama the whole nitez.. dramas.. hehe.. is my favorite.. watching Marriage of Inconvienience.. very nice.. haha.. till late tonight i watch this drama..

23 Dec 2007
actually wanna go and have curry mee.. but ended up din go.. cause scared of jam in Air Itam.. so ended up no curry mee but having my breakfast in town. Not bad the food.. but for me.. i don have much recomendation n food.. After the makan, went to Perangin Mall, shopping again..
The decoration in Perangin Mall.. not bad a very nice one can consider as it really give me a mood of christmas le...haha.. thinking buying shoes but the end of the day, i din manage to get shoes.. but jus soft toys and 2 pieces of clothes. Quite nice and the price is cheap as well. So, buy myself that nia. headed home aftr shopping.. very very tired. Headed home tonight .. and wat i do the whole night is jus watching drama as well. Drama Time ..thats my fav.

24 December 2007
Working today as well.. so after work went to McD Greenland to get some pickups on the MCD cards .. is a nice design this year. i like the cards as well... em.. i get my fav choc gift fr Aunty Judy. thanks.. As usual a shopping day as well.. not Gurney ba.. but today went to 1-Stop Midlands. Just thinkin have a walk .. but ended up buying some gift fr frens. :) went there and get a gift. Not much movies and dramas to buy today... and cds as well.. so ended up jus bought some gift for frens... After One-stop went home sleep and today i received lots of Christmas greetings.. tHanks fr all ur greetings. :) hope u guys have a nice christmas countdown ya..
Chatted with Qi Shan today.. nearl an hour on phone wif my dear fren and chat wif C.Sin as well. em.. many many things we chatted..

25 December 2007
Karaoke in Red box today. Nice karaoke wif my fren... enjoying. i think i haven been in Red box for so so long liao ... back to red box.. a lot of new new songs.. we sing Chinese, Malay, as well as ENg songs as well haha... too many many songs.. em.. afta tat went shopping again. but jus went popular buy something to get my cards done. em... is cNy card now.. i am not having idea yet.. still thinking .. :) so after buying the things wen back and i went Tesco. Not much things to buy really at Tesco.. bought some food.. and sushi nia.. and back home too tired. Internet line is slow slow .. so no mood online as well... haiz.. poor me

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