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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

3-4 December 2007

3 December 2007

Life is as usual.. as thats wat working life is.. besides working, will be staying at home.. planting mushroom.. thats the usual routine of my life.. maybe.. it is maybe is not.. Haven been going for movie a veli veli long time.. feeling like going.. it seems like days pass veli veli quick..

Today completed a christmas card.. but for me i don think is nice.. many my expectation is more than that.. Expectations again??? don expects.. don think ... don hope.. don dream.. but i cant.. is a Virgo characteristics.. aren't they? So... spend kau dim de christmas cards as well as aSSignmenTs.. really not much idea how to write.. need to gain more knowledge de

and then make my self tired tired tired..... then sleep ..zzzzzzzzzz

4 December 2007

Me.. today.. not about work. work is always ok ... em,... back after work .. am i thinking too much?

Yesterday, last episode of drama " XING MEI HAK SAM LAM" .. is on the gal having brain cancer.. and need to go fr operation .. and over so many things happening.. she finally realized de person who she love the most..Imagination flows again..

Life continue online .. and getting more info learning more stuff 2 complete the assignment.

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