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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Gentle crackdown 2 (秀才愛上兵)

Upcoming TVB's new series, "The Gentle Crackdown 2" will be broadcast on 2008-Jan-21 to 2008-Feb-15 , there are a total of 20 episodes.

Cast: Steven Ma, Yumiko Cheng, Ha Yu, Law Koon Lan, Wayne Lai, Savio Tsang, Evergreen Mak, Johnson Lee, Lee Shing Cheung.TVB's new series "Gentle Crackdown 2" 《秀才愛上兵》 will be broadcast on January.

The cast members for "Gentle Crackdown 2" are completely different from the prequel starring Moses Chan and Niki Chow, Steven indicated that the spirit of the series remains intact. This is similiar to how Steven had appeared in "Healing Hands 1," yet despite cast changes in sequels, the essence of the series still existed.Steven was excited that veterans Ha Yu and Law Koon Lan will be playing his parents in "Gentle Crackdown 2." Ha Yu had previously acted as Steven's father in "The Brink of Law," thus they can continue their "father-son" relationship in the new series.Did Steven study Moses Chan's acting style in the original to prepare for his role? Steven will approach the role using a comedic style and hopes to have new sparks with co-star, Yumiko Cheng. This is Elaine's first ancient series and she was happy that her image was well-received.

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